How to oil the sewing thread?

Sewing thread oiling is generally divided into two types, one is immersion method, the other is contact method.

In the impregnation method, the lubricants can be selected: amino silicone oil emulsion, hydroxyl silicone oil emulsion, silicone wax water emulsion and so on. In contact method, the lubricants can be selected: mineral oil, two methyl silicone oil and (anhydrous) silicone wax emulsion. The product performance is from low to high.

So, in the contact method, why do people generally think that silicone wax lubricant is the best sewing thread lubricant? In principle, silicone wax can stay on the surface of sewing thread for a longer time. Because the structure of the sewing thread is fluffy, the oil can easily penetrate into the interior of the thread after being oiled. If the oil goes into the inside of the thread, where can the sewing thread have good lubrication? Therefore, before the appearance of silicone wax, the manufacturer of the production line can guarantee the lubrication performance of the line by increasing the oil rate. Well, here comes the problem: first of all, there is no doubt that the cost has increased; in addition, if there is more oil on the line, the cleaning workload of the line will be heavy.

And the product of silicon wax, because it is a mixture of silicone oil and wax. Although silicone oil is easy to penetrate into the interior of the wire, wax, as a solid, can stay on the surface of the wire. As a good lubricant, wax can be compounded with antistatic agent and softener in silicone wax lubricant. In this way, it can not only provide good lubricity, but also greatly improve other properties of sewing thread!

Since wax is so good, can we use it directly? The reason is that pure wax can't resist high temperature! In high-speed sewing, the temperature of broken sewing machine needle will be very high. Under such high temperature, wax will carbonize and coke. After coking, the needle hole will be blocked, and thread breakage will stop work. Silicon is high temperature resistant and has a cleaning effect. When wax is carbonized in the pinhole, silicon can take it away in time to keep the pinhole smooth. Therefore, the silicone wax composite can meet the needs of high-speed sewing.

How to oil the sewing thread?

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