How to prevent coronavirus in work

During the period of coronavirus, how to protect yourself in work? Let me give you some suggestions


  1. Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, pay attention to the back of hands, thumbs and other parts easy to hide bacteria

    These alcohol based hand sanitizers are a known, rapid and effective method to inactivate a large number of potentially harmful microorganisms on hands.



  2. When going to work, avoid taking public transportation. Public goods and public contact goods should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Maintain the air circulation in the office, and ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system or exhaust fan. Clean the filter screen of the air conditioner regularly, and strengthen the ventilation by opening the window. In case of an outbreak, the central air conditioning system should be stopped and the whole environment should be disinfected.


  3. The elevator, dont use if not necessary




    When touching the elevator button, it is better to pad a paper towel and throw it into the garbage can immediately after leaving the elevator.

    Or you can prepare a signing pen, take out the refill, put an alcohol cotton ball in the pen cover, touch the button with the empty pen tip when you need to press the key, and then use the cover to directly disinfect.

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