How to prevent epidemic situation effectively

With the spread of novel coronavirus, the state has adopted strong measures to control the epidemic, and the new cases have been alleviated. However, the majority of our citizens can not relax their vigilance and strengthen their own protection in the current form. Here we share some common sense.



  1. novel coronavirus is transmitted by close contact with droplets and pathogens. Therefore, we must pay attention to these two points. Of course, the isolation method is to wear masks, contact with public facilities, wear gloves, do not gather, do not eat, far away from the crowd, between people to maintain a distance of more than 1 meter.


  2. When isolated at home, always open windows and ventilate. Their own family should also maintain a hygienic distance, of course, do not be suspicious, after all, the family's range of action is familiar to them


    3. Wear masks when going out, especially in public places, such as supermarkets and farmers' markets, operate according to relevant requirements, not blindly confident, not exaggerating the epidemic information. Go home and wash hands in time. Do not wear masks, although they do not carry the virus, but may be infected.


    In a word, to protect yourself is to protect your family.


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