How to prevent novel Coronavirus from Washing hands

At will during the outbreak of coronavirus suggest frequent hand washing, to do a good job of disinfection of hands disinfection can be disinfected with 75% alcohol to wipe or with free hand wash liquid containing alcohol content, application of liquid washing your hands when both hands free to cross knead, at least 30 seconds to dry if wash in flowing water technique, suggest take hand sanitizers use step 7 washing technique, each step to knead above 5 times, both hands continue to give priority to with water when washing handsIf a medical worker or community worker is likely to come into close contact with a coronavirus infection, they should wear gloves when touching. After applying the gloves, they should be promptly thrown away and their hands should be sterilized and cleaned.

Alcohol hand sanitizer, and chlorine liquid soap, is can kill attached on the surface of the object, the coronavirus with contain the two elements of detergent to wash your hands, you can finish your opponent's disinfection, especially can use speed dry powder (there is also a variety of ingredients such as alcohol), to wash your hands after washing with the disinfectant hand is dry, can be applied to the new type of pneumonia virus transmission ability is very strong, so be self protection is very important, first of all to maintain good indoor ventilation, ventilated, often maintain indoor air fresh, can reduce the virus to surviveAt the same time is to wash their hands frequently, first to wash with running water, and then wash their hands with disinfectant.

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