How To Prevent Silicone Products From Getting Mouldy?

Recently, the weather contrast in many areas has been one of heavy rain and heat. It's a season when it's easy to catch a cold! During this season, many products are prone to mouldy black spots, for example, this phenomenon is most likely to occur in relatively humid areas! Therefore, many families commonly used silicone kitchenware, silicone daily necessities, etc. are prone to this phenomenon, and this phenomenon not only affects the environment, such as silicone kitchenware is just one of them, many friends use after cleaning finished is directly into the locker, the evaporation of water droplets and sealing is also one of the phenomena that cause mould. In addition, silicone has a strong adsorption capacity. Foreign bodies in the air adsorbed and placed for a long time will deteriorate, darkening and mould. This is also inevitable!
How To Prevent Silicone Products From Getting Mouldy?
Therefore, before mould appears on silicone cookware, you should first find the problem of mould to prevent it. Apart from the effects of the climate, the main causes of mould include some of the additives in the silicone raw materials, such as silicone oil, colour powder and vulcanising agents, which are the main nutrients for these moulds. Mould growth leads to the erosion of vegetable proteins Carbohydrates in silicone rubber. In addition, due to the electrostatic effect of silicone rubber's inert rubber, airborne impurities are attracted to the surface of the product, which can also lead to mould growth. General silicone product manufacturers should consider these factors, so the mould phenomenon in silicone kitchenware, in addition to raw material factors, mainly depends on their own control, silicone kitchenware can be kept in a ventilated place to keep clean after cleaning, silicone products after cleaning is complete, according to the temperature and humidity gap, choose to dry 1-2 hours to facilitate the gap drying, will not cause mould. After mould, you can wipe with alcohol. If it is difficult to solve several methods, it can be treated with an anti-mould agent. Mould inhibitors should have high thermal stability. Good weather resistance Low volatility and good material compatibility characteristics.    

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