How to properly use and store dust masks

Masks should be familiar to everyone, and they are often used in daily life. The masks used in different working environments are also different. The dust in the working environment is particularly high. At this time, the staff must wear dust masks. So do you really know how to use and store dust masks correctly? Here is a brief introduction to the majority of users, hoping to popularize this knowledge.

Choose the right mask. According to the concentration of harmful substances, the size of the toxicity, the size of the dust, the size of the worker's face and head, and the labor intensity, select the corresponding type of dust mask and filter material; pay attention to check the quality of the mask. First of all, you should check whether the parts of the mask are intact, whether the exhalation valve is wrinkled, deformed, too thin, or not closed (at this time, the air inlet of the mask is blocked and there is leakage), the exhalation valve seat and the rubber valve Whether the place is kept smooth and intact, and whether the joint between the valve seat and the main body is tight. The main body of the mask or the breathing valve is not suitable for curling, damage, deformation, etc. It should be replaced or replaced with a new mask.

Note that the mask must be properly worn. The mask must be worn properly, covering the mouth and nose, and there should be no gaps on both sides of the bridge of the nose. If there is a leak, use adhesive tape to secure it to avoid side leakage. The mask straps should be fastened separately and not hung on the ears. To prevent the mask from loosening, leaking, and squeezing the face and nose, for example, the dust masks in our country are well-known for their safety, service life, and comfort.

Keep the mask clean. When temporarily not wearing a mask, the mask should be placed in a protective bag made of Plastic, etc., to prevent dust and corrosive gases from contaminating the mask. Do not hang it on your chest, distinguish the inside and outside of the mask, and do not allow the inside to touch other clothing.

Wash and maintain all kinds of masks and mask bags frequently, and clean them every day, otherwise harmful gases and dust will accumulate, and over time, it will not only protect the body but may also cause harm to the body!

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