How to protect yourself from COVID-19 when going back to work

1.Advice for returnees 

All returnees to Beijing from other parts of the country are required to cooperate in the screening by neighborhood community, and go through a 14-day observation at home or in designated places as required.

If you develop symptoms like fever or dry cough, go to the nearest fever clinic immediately with a disposable medical mask on. No public transport should be taken on your way to the hospital. 

2.How to wear a mask correctly?

Proper protection starts with a mask.

There’s no need to wear a mask in wide open spaces. However, you should wear one when entering a crowded or confined place.

A disposable medical mask is recommended for members of the public. A cotton mask can not protect you from COVID-19.

The dark side of the disposable medical mask is water-proof, thus should be worn facing out, and the light side facing in.

The mask should be worn with nose clip up and the whole mask unfolded. The nose clip should be adjusted to fit the face, allowing the mask to cover the nose and mouth completely.

When removing the mask, you should not touch the outside of the mask, and wash your hands immediately after that.

Wear a mask, protect yourself and your family.

3.How to wash hands correctly

I’ll show you how to wash your hands in the right way.

You need to wash your hands in these cases: before meals and after using the washroom; before rubbing your eyes and taking off your glasses; after taking care of patients; after going out or shopping; after blowing your nose or sneezing; after touching pets or handling their waste.

You should wash hands with running water, soap or hand sanitizer. The following 7 steps are suggested.

Step 1: rub palm to palm.

Step 2: rub the back of one hand with the palm of the other, and vice versa.

Step 3: rub fingers with palm to palm.

Step 4: bend and lock your fingers, and rub.

Step 5: hold the thumb in one palm, rub, and vice versa.

Step 6: rub fingertips in one palm, and vice versa.

Step 7:  clean your wrists.

Finally, wash your hands with running water, and dry your hands with a tissue.

4.The right way to sneeze 

Hello everyone. When sneezing, we usually do this. But it is wrong, because it can easily cause secondary transmission.

The right way is to cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your bent elbow when sneezing.

For the sake of our health, please cover your nose and mouth when sneezing. It’s more polite and hygienic.

5.Guidelines for disinfection in daily life 

Opening windows for ventilation two or three times a day, and half an hour each time is the main way for indoor air disinfection.

Science shows that the more confined the space, the easier air gets contaminated.

You should change and clean your outdoor wear often, and disinfect them in boiling water when necessary.

Surfaces often touched by hands should be cleaned frequently, and disinfected with 75% alcohol or chlorine-containing disinfectant if necessary.

One easy way to disinfect tableware at home is to boil them 15 minutes or more.

6.Advice for going shopping

Wear a mask before entering a public place.

Cooperate in the temperature check at entrance.

Take escalators instead of lifts as much as possible.

When going shopping, pay special attention to your hands, avoid touching public items, keep your hands away from your mask, and refrain from rubbing your eyes.

Keep a certain distance from others in public places.

Take off your mask when you get home, and wash your hands with running water.

Remember to apply soap or hand sanitizer, and use a dry towel or a tissue to dry your hands.

7.Advice for taking public transport

Prevention and control measures for taking public transport are as follows.

When taking public transport, please wear a mask correctly, and do not touch your mask and refrain from rubbing your eyes.

Wash your hands after arriving at home, and change your overcoat frequently and keep it clean.

Do not take public transport if you have a fever.

8.Prevention and control guidelines for buildings and shopping malls

The property management should put in place a health monitoring system for returnees and clients. Daily monitoring is necessary to learn about the health conditions of returnees.

When providing services, pay attention to personal hygiene, such as washing hands frequently and wearing a mask.

The ventilation system of basement parking lots must be maintained properly.

Washrooms should be kept clean and dry, with fresh air circulation and hand sanitizer provided. Frequency of disinfection should be increased when necessary.

9.Guidance for taking a lift

The lift should be disinfected many times every day because it is a highly confined space.

Masks are necessary when you take a lift, and take in turns when crowded.

Use the stairs if possible.

10.Prevention and control guidelines for holding a meeting 

Here is how to take effective preventive measures when you hold a meeting

During the epidemic, we should adhere to the principle of “no meeting should be held if not necessary”. Reduce the number of large-scale meetings as far as possible. Videoconferences or teleconferences are highly recommended.

If it’s necessary to hold a meeting, a conference room with windows is preferred for purpose of air ventilation.

Temperature of all participants should be measured at the meeting room entrance, and disposable medical masks should be provided. The contact information of all participants must be recorded in order to carry out follow-up monitoring if necessary.

Seats in the meeting room should be arranged as far apart as possible. The distance between the participants should be kept no less than one meter.

Participants are suggested bringing their own cups, so as to reduce the usage of public articles.

Health monitoring should be carried out for staff of the meeting room. No one should work if ill.

The environment and objects in the meeting rooms should be kept clean, preventive disinfection can be conducted if necessary, but excessive disinfection should be avoided. However, in event of contamination, the meeting rooms should be cleaned and disinfected in a timely manner.

It is our common duty to prevent COVID-19.

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