How To Remove Silicone Oil?

silicone oil is widely used in textile industry, but how to remove silicone oil? Here we can't treat silicone oil as general oil pollution. The theory of silicon oil removal is to re emulsify it. The following hydrogen containing silicone oil manufacturers will see how to remove silicone oil.

1. The scouring of woven fabric is a special scouring agent for silicone oil, which has special emulsifying effect on silicone oil.

2. The softener and defoamer used in dyeing bath should of course be high temperature resistant. If it is unfortunately not good enough and remains on the dyeing tank wall, it is usually better to use better washing agent. These washing agents all have the effect of emulsifying silicone oil. If it is not sticky on the cylinder wall again, wipe it with better bath detergent or "fluorinated hydrocarbon, tetrachloroethylene" solvent.

3. Of course, good waterproof agent and softener should be selected for the finished product. Unfortunately, the selection is wrong. If the grease silicone oil is full of the roller or cloth roller, it should be wiped with good washing agent or "fluorinated hydrocarbon, tetrachloroethylene" solvent. However, in order to prevent the rubber from damaging the roll, try to wipe it at the special part first. After 30 minutes, see whether there is expansion or damage.

How To Remove Silicone Oil?

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