How to replace silicone dust mask filter cotton

silicone dust mask is an indispensable protective equipment for workers who are engaged in and exposed to dust. It is widely used in coal mine, steel and other industries. Aslo,it si used for extremely high working environment and common in daily life. With the increasing demand of silica gel dust respirator, silica gel dust respirator filter cotton is also growing.



Silicone dust mask filter cotton acupuncture cotton is a kind of mask filter material with high utilization rate. Generally,it used in the middle layer of the mask. Silicone mask has the characteristics of filtration, cleaning, strong moisture resistance, stable quality, large dust resistance, long service life, etc, it is soft and comfortable, it can be used for a long time, and environmental protection.

How to replace silicone dust mask filter cotton

Silicone dust respirator filter cotton replacement:

step1. Replacement cycle: when wearing the silicone mask then the respiratory resistance becomes larger, it is necessary to replace the silica gel dust respirator filter cotton.

step2. Installation of silicone dust mask filter cotton: silicone mask generally has a filter box, and the filter material made of needled cotton is inside. At this time, the installation should be carried out according to the shape, front and back.

step3. Silicone dust mask filter cotton should be replaced according to the instructions.


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