How to store lubricating oil?

The barreled and canned lubricating oil should be stored in the warehouse within the possible range to avoid the influence of climate. The opened barrel lubricating oil must be stored in the warehouse. The oil barrel should be placed horizontally. Both ends of the barrel should be wedged tightly with wooden wedges to prevent rolling. In addition, it is necessary to check whether there is leakage and whether the signs on the surface of the oil drum are clear. If it is necessary to put the barrel in a straight position, it is advisable to turn the bucket upside down, or tilt the bucket slightly, so as to avoid rainwater gathering on the surface of the bucket and covering the barrel bolt. Water has an adverse effect on any lubricating oil.




On the surface, moisture is not easy to penetrate the complete cover and enter the oil drum. However, the oil barrel stored outdoors is exposed to the sun during the day, and the weather is cooler at night. This kind of heat expansion and contraction will affect the air pressure in the barrel. The air pressure in the tank is slightly higher in the daytime, but close to the real space at night. This kind of pressure change between day and night will produce "breathing" effect. During the day, part of the air is "exhaled" outside the barrel, and at night the air is "inhaled" into the barrel. If the lid is immersed in water, the water will inevitably enter the barrel with the air at night, accumulating over time, and the water mixed in the oil is naturally quite considerable.




When taking oil, the oil barrel should be lying on a wooden frame with appropriate height, and a tap should be set at the cover of the bucket surface to drain oil, and a container should be placed in the tap to prevent dripping and splashing. Or put the oil barrel straight into the oil pipe from the end of the barrel and take the oil through the hand pump.




When the buChina oil is stored in the oil tank, it is inevitable that condensate water and dirt will be mixed into the buChina oil, which will eventually accumulate at the bottom of the tank and form a layer of sludge like substance, which will pollute the lubricating oil. Therefore, the tank bottom should be designed in the form of a concave butterfly or inclined, and a drain cock should be installed to discharge the residue on time. To the extent possible, the tank interior should be cleaned regularly.


The influence of temperature on grease is greater than that of lubricating oil. Long term exposure to high temperature (e.g. sun exposure) can separate the oil components in the grease. Therefore, the grease barrel should be first stored in the warehouse with the barrel mouth upright. The opening of the barrel for grease is larger, and the dirt and water are more likely to penetrate into the barrel. The cover of the barrel should be closed immediately after taking it.


After the use of a part of the grease cover, the rest should be scraped with a tool to avoid oil precipitation.


Too low or too high temperature has a bad effect on the lubricating oil, so it is not suitable to store the lubricating oil in the place of supercooling or overheating for a long time.


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