How to try the die casting mold?

Instructions for trial use of :


Since the die-casting trial mode and production use are basically the same, the trial mode is mainly used here to illustrate the use method. The use process is only the cyclic process after the trial mold is stable.


  1. Set reasonable basic die-casting process parameters according to the process regulations.


  1. The mold cavity is oiled, and the release agent is sprayed evenly.


  1. Cooperate, operate the machine manually, shoot 5-10 molds slowly, depending on the material feeding, and let the mold gradually adapt to the working environment. During production, the slow injection modulus can be adjusted appropriately according to the situation.


  1. Quick press, according to the molding situation, under the guidance of on-site engineering and technical personnel and die-casting technicians, change different process parameters to achieve the best state and obtain the best technical parameters for use in production.


  1. The alloy temperature should be kept at the lowest temperature that can be formed well, so as to reduce the appearance of shrinkage and cracking, and at the same time increase the life of the mold.


  1. According to the shape, timely adjust the flow of cooling water and the opening and closing state to maintain a reasonable mold temperature. If possible, it is best to maintain a constant temperature.


  1. During use, replace the wearing parts in time, and at the same time reserve enough wearing parts for timely replacement.

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