How to use grease to maintain agricultural machinery

How to use grease to maintain agricultural machinery?

The maintenance of agricultural machinery mainly includes four parts:


1. Clutch bearing of agricultural machinery:

In the work, the clutch is used very frequently, and it is easy to be damaged. Before the operation of each season, the clutch release bearing should be maintained. The main method of maintenance is to remove the release claw and release bearing, use diesel oil or kerosene to clean and dry, and then install the lubricating grease, and then install the restoration.

2. Plow shaft of rotary tiller

The bearing on the right side of the plow shaft of the bearing waChinaing tractor is lubricated with gear oil, which is easy to be ignored. If the grease is not used, the bearing on the left side should be lubricated with grease. If not, the bearing will be dried up due to lack of oil, and the bearing will get stuck during operation. Even the bearing will run into the inner circle and the journal will be seriously damaged and scrapped. Therefore, the bearing on the left side of the plow shaft should be removed during maintenance, and the grease should be added regularly after cleaning.

3. Shaft sleeve of rake shaft

The working environment of the shaft sleeve of the rake shaft is very bad. The mixture of dust and moisture can easily cause wear or necrosis. During maintenance, the impurities in the shaft sleeve should be cleaned before adding lubricating grease. If the shaft sleeve is seriously worn, it should be replaced with a new one.

4. Thresher roller bearing

Thresher roller bearing working environment is also very bad, dust, humidity, maintenance work can not be ignored, drum journal will be worn, serious will make the drum scrapped. Before and during the operation, the bearing should be inspected. If the grease is found to be less or dry, grease should be added in time, and the bearing should be replaced in time when it is overloaded.

How to use grease to maintain agricultural machinery

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