How To Use Silicone Bowl Covers

How to use silicone bowl covers? Silicone bowl covers has become more popular in our household to solve the problems for the rest food, and take great convenience for keeping fresh.

Here are some tips for how to using our silicone bowl cover.

Firstly, keep the bowl dry.

Secondly, choose the most suitable size to use.

Thirdly, use the silicone stretch lid to cover the bowl and put the bowl with the cover into the refrigerator to keep fresh.

Can the silicone bowl covers be put into microwave and refrigerator?

Yes, the silicone bowl covers can be used in microwave and refrigerator as they are high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. But pls take a note that it cannot be sealed totally when put into microwave.

How to maintain the silicone bowl covers?

After each use, please wash with warm soapy water or dry it in the dishwasher after cleaning, and then put it in a dry place for recycling.

How To Use Silicone Bowl Covers

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