In front of the epidemic situation, in addition to medical masks, silicone masks may be selected


Priceless novel coronavirus is basically a droplet air borne infection and is basically a protective device for everyone. With the spread of COVID-19, all kinds of antiviral products have been sold out. We all know that the new coronavirus is basically a droplet air borne infection, so the mask is the key protection device for everyone. It has become a luxury. "Many friends are very difficult to buy, but the anti-virus silicone mask is really a good product, so can silicone mask also be a kind of practical protective equipment in this epidemic?


From the current situation, it is better not to wear masks. Although it is difficult to buy masks in many places, it is also a good protective measure to choose silicone masks in special periods. Silicone respirators are novel coronavirus, which is mainly used in coal mines and iron and steel industries. It has high dust in the high working environment and can achieve high efficiency. Therefore, it is not a problem to choose it to prevent new coronavirus. Silicone mask is mainly based on the principle of the fan, after adding filter element inside, and then the fan will blow the wind to the mouth and nose to increase the feeling of smooth breathing.


Its protection level is the same as N95 mask, and the middle filter element and filter screen are basically the same. However, the current silicone medical product masks basically belong to the principle of electric fan. Therefore, it is suggested that masks can be used as anti-virus masks in general public places, but not in hospitals and other areas with serious pollution, because the masks are forced to supply air or exhaust air, which is much stronger than masks and nasal masks. "The sealing integrity of the mask cannot be fully guaranteed, and the connection between the filter element and other components can not guarantee that there is no gap and air leakage.

There are many standards for masks. Silicone masks are the same. The difference between them lies in the filter element of respiratory tract. Different levels of filter elements can achieve different protective effects.


At present, the standards of masks in China include labor protection, medical protection, civil protection, etc


1. Gb2626-2006 respiratory protective equipment, self-priming filter and particulate respirator;

2. Technical requirements for medical protective masks (GB 19083-2010)

3. GB / T 32610-2016 technical specification for daily protective masks

4. Y0469-2011 technical requirements for medical surgical masks

5. YY / T 0969-2013 used medical masks once and for all.


The main advantage of silica gel mask is that its adhesive surface is silica gel. Silicone rubber products have good flexibility, wear more comfortable and will not leave traces on the face. But after special tests, it is found that the PM2.5 sealing filter core of the mask is generally hard to reduce to 0, so the sealing performance is still slightly worse.

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