Ink Printing Of RFID NFC Wristband

The classification of silicone ink is divided into silicone spray ink, silicone screen printing ink,RFID NFC Wristband silicone pad printing ink and silicone dot printing according to the coating process. According to the curing method, RFID NFC Wristband it can be divided into heat-cured silicone ink and UV-cured silicone ink. Hot-drying silicone ink is divided into: high-temperature curing silicone ink (180 °C ~ 250 °C),RFID NFC Wristband low-temperature curing silicone ink (100 °C ~ 120 °C) silicone protective ink (matting oil, feel oil, dumb oil). It is applied to the surface of silicone keys to improve gloss and improve the feel and font life. The matted product has the characteristics of smooth feel, matte surface, high abrasion resistance,RFID NFC Wristband etc. It can protect the printed fonts on the silicone rubber keys and protect the surface of other silicone rubber products from dust effect.

Silicone printing simply means by silkscreen printing,RFID NFC Wristband using the basic principle of screen printing part of the screen and text can pass through the silicone,RFID NFC Wristband non-graphic part of the mesh is not transparent to silicone. Apply a certain pressure to the silicone with a squeegee to make the silicone squeeze from the mesh in the graphic to the substrate.

Features: strong stretch, anti-fading,RFID NFC Wristband wear-resistant. Non-toxic and odorless with strong simulation and high temperature resistance. Has a strong three-dimensional sense and gloss,RFID NFC Wristband and has a good anti-slip effect

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