Why Do Softeners Make Fabrics Soft

First of all, from the concept of softener, softener is a kind of chemical substance that can change the static and dynamic friction coefficient of fiber. When the static friction coefficient is changed, the handle is smooth and easy to move on the fiber or fabric; when the dynamic friction coefficient is changed, the micro structure between fibers is easy to move, that is, the fiber or fabric is easy to deform. The combination of the two is softness.

Softener, as a conventional finishing agent for fabrics, has been developing very fast for more than half a century. It developed from very early surfactant softeners to polymer based softeners, and from polymer polyethylene wax to silicone polymer, and from polymethyl two silicone emulsion to hydroxyl terminated polysiloxane emulsion and hydrophilic silicone softener. Amino polysiloxane emulsion, amino polysiloxane microemulsion, low yellowing amino modified organosilicon softener, hydrophilic amino silicone softener and super smooth amino modified polysiloxane.

Soft finishing is an important finishing process in textile printing and dyeing. In the process of textile processing, the handle will become rough after many times of treatment, and the general synthetic fiber fabric is worse, especially the ultra-fine fiber fabric. In order to make the fabric soft, smooth and comfortable, it is necessary to finish it. Softener is widely used. In addition, a large number of softeners are used in chemical fiber spinning, spinning and weaving of various fibers. This is because with the high-speed processing and the large use of small bath ratio in textile processing, the friction between fabrics and between fabrics and equipment increases, resulting in scratches and defects. The use of softener can make the fiber itself have the softness and smoothness suitable for the processing conditions to avoid damage. Therefore, textile softener is an important textile auxiliaries. All kinds of new fibers such as superfine fiber have been widely used. With the gradual improvement of people's environmental awareness, all kinds of softeners and their main components have been further improved.

Why Do Softeners Make Fabrics Soft

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