Introduction For Silicone Covers For Food

Introduction for silicone Covers for Food

Silicone covers for food are made of food grade silicone, safe and healthy, recyclable and reusable. Provide a natural seal for your food, allowing it to stay fresh for longer.

Multiple Sizes will be suitable for sealing a variety of containers and foods that help protect your juice, fresh produce, fruits, snack, cheeses, bread, sandwiches, nuts and more! Perfect for lunch boxes, camping, picnic.

Silicone covers for food can withstand temperatures up to 230℃. So you can use it with hot food, hot water, microwave and oven. It is BPA free and contains no petrochemicals or lead. It remains as new after gently washing with mild soap in cold water and air drying.

The surface of silicone covers for food is smooth and transparent. Like cling film and Plastic wrap, you can easily cover food or bowl or container. Different from beeswax wraps, our silicone food wraps does not leave slimy things after use.

Silicone covers for food are a reusable food grade silicone wrap that can replace cling film, plastic wrap, aluminium foil, baking paper and beeswax wraps.

Introduction For Silicone Covers For Food

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