Introduction For Silicone Mask Ear Protector

Introduction for silicone Mask Ear Protector

Protect ears: Clip silicone mask ear protector on the neck or back of the head to reduce ear pressure and restraint.

Adjustable and comfortable: 4-level adjustable silicone mask ear protector, comfortable extension buckle, suitable for various masks on the market.

Easy to use: Super easy and convenient to wear, prevent earaches and facial marks caused by wearing masks for a long time.

Suitable for adults and kids: Silicone mask ear protector can solve the problem of wearing a face mask too tightly for large faces, and it can also solve the problem of thin faces and children wearing too loose masks and easily fall off.

Stylish design and light weight: silicone mask ear protector is suitable for men, women and children. Long hair can be hidden with comfortable extension buckle.

Introduction For Silicone Mask Ear Protector

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