Introduction For Silicone Straws Dishwasher Safe

Introduction for silicone Straws Dishwasher Safe

Material: Silicone straws dishwasher safe is not requiring brush, and can be cleaned 100%. They are made of 100% food-grade silicone material, BPA Free and are safe for kids, pregnant and the elderly. Silicone straws dishwasher safe can make us use more safely and rest assured.

Size: Silicone straws dishwasher safe with inner diameter 7mm. And you can choose the right size for your favorite cup. It's so easy! Grab a pair of scissors and trim this silicone straw down if you want.Extremely kid friendly. Unlike stainless steel straws, Metal straws, the silicone straws is soft,won't chip your teeth.

Convenient to use: Dishwasher safe but not for use in Microwave. We create these straws for any kind of drinks which is easy to use even for your kids, also suitable for any kind of tumblers ramblers and easy to clean. Remember to wash the products carefully before the first use. Wash them with dish soap and plenty of water using cleaning brushes.

Introduction For Silicone Straws Dishwasher Safe

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