Introduction Of RFID Silicone Tag In Tire Tags

Introduction and application of RFID electronic tags in tire tags! In recent years,RFID silicone Tag some foreign countries such as the European Union, the United States, Japan, and South Korea have introduced tire labeling laws that require tires to be labeled to indicate the fuel efficiency, rolling resistance, rolling noise, RFID Silicone Tag and wet road grip of the tires. Therefore, my country's tire labeling system is also in the process of vigorously promoting, RFID Silicone Tag so what exactly is the forum label? What is the role of RFID electronic tags applied to tires, I will explain to you next.

What is a tire tag? A tire tag is also a type of RFID electronic tag. It is used to record data and is used in conjunction with an RFID reader. It is generally passive. Why do you need to get electronic labels on tires? Hard requirements: As mentioned above,RFID Silicone Tag many foreign countries have introduced legal provisions on tire rfid electronic labels, which stipulates that tires must be affixed with electronic labels to allow tires to be manufactured and shipped from the factory. Through some attribute information, we can check whether the produced tires meet the national standards,RFID Silicone Tag mainly from: the fuel efficiency of the tires, the friction of rolling, RFID Silicone Tag the noise during rolling, and the attributes of the tire's grip when the road is not dry.

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