Introduction of several main uses of silicone oil emulsion

Widely used in the textile industry, whether it is textile production, or yarn and thread production and after printing and dyeing, product processing, are widely used silicone oil emulsion, according to different conditions, silicone oil can exert its soft, durable film, low friction resistance, inertia, durability, heat resistance, low interfacial tension, so that the product meets the satisfactory requirements.

It is widely used in electric motors, household appliances and Mechatronics as insulation medium of heat resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, corrosion resistance, waterproof and pollution resistance. At present, it is also used as transformer and capacitor oil, which can reduce the volume of transformer, increase power, improve safety and zero pollution.

It is widely used in instruments, vehicle fans, buffer dampers and so on. It has small volume and light weight, and can bear great impact force in a very common temperature range. It is a very good anti vibration absorber.

As a release agent. It can be widely used in Plastic molding, rubber processing, metal casting, papermaking, FRP products, chemical fiber, food and other aspects. It has the advantages of strong demoulding, high-precision surface of products, less use, one brush and multiple use, safe and reliable, clean, non-toxic, odorless and so on.


As defoamer. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, coating, pharmaceutical industry, tannery, fermentation, food, etc.

Silicone oil emulsion is used as surface treatment agent. With about 10% of the solution or emulsion applied to the surface of glass, porcelain and metal, and then heat treated at 150~300 degrees, a semi permanent waterproof, antitoxic and insulating film can also be produced, which can also be used for water treatment of paper, leather, building materials and textiles.

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