Introduction Of Silicone Egg Cooking Rings

Introduction of silicone Egg Cooking Rings

Silicone egg cooking rings perfect size for making homemade omelets, crumpets, fried eggs, benedict Eggs, pancakes, fritters, etc. Use your creativity to make delicious breakfast sandwiches or hamburger with English muffin or bread for your family.

Silicone egg cooking rings 100% food grade, BPA free. Silicone is FDA certificated, safe, healthy.

Silicone egg cooking rings dishwasher safe, reusable and practical. Non stick silicone makes removal and clean up a breeze. Simply rinse in soapy water and dishwasher safe. The retractable handle for cooking with lid and easy storage.

Silicone egg cooking rings is heat resistant withstand 230 degree Celsius. And the unique design with stay-cool handle makes it easy to use. Silicone performs safely and perfectly at extremely high cooking temperatures.

Introduction Of Silicone Egg Cooking Rings

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