Introduction of silicone paper separator

The anti sticking coating used in isolation paper is generally called paper separator. Siloxane isolator is a latex or solvent free product made of two methyl silicone oil based on silicon containing functional groups. The latter is converted into a partially crosslinked polysiloxane film with isolation property by addition reaction after condensation under the action of crosslinking agent and catalyst. Therefore, the release agent before curing is in the form of silicone oil, and the isolation layer after curing is in the form of rubber elastic film.

Paper release agent can be classified as release agent, but different from release agent, it has a series of specific requirements

1. Proper peeling property: the separating layer can control the stripping force of adhesive layer, and can be made into light stripping, general stripping, heavy stripping, high-speed stripping and low-speed stripping.

2. Good processability: long service life of solution, good wettability to substrate, good coating and adhesion, fast curing of coating.

3. No migration: after the isolation layer is bonded with the adhesive layer, it has little influence on the adhesion, and retains a high bonding rate.


4. Non self adhesive: there is no adhesion between the cured isolation layers.

5. Safety and health: it is not easy to burn and explode, and has little impact on the health of operators.

6. Environmental impact: no pollution to atmosphere and water quality.

7. Economic and reasonable: low cost and easy to use.

Application of silicone paper separator

The main uses of paper release agent are as follows: 1. Isolation layer of adhesive products (paper or Plastic film); 2. Isolation of non adhesive products; 3. Packaging materials of adhesive materials; 4. Internal release agent for rubber and plastics.

1Used as a barrier for bonding products (paper or film)


1. Label sealing: hundreds of self-adhesive labels and sealing products with paper-based surface materials for measurement, commodity labels, mailing labels, cargo tags (luggage flyers), envelopes and bank storage and transportation money bags, and self-adhesive products with PVC, polyester, polyolefin, synthetic paper and other plastic films as surface materials for marking, notice and publicity.

2. Adhesive tape: for example, all kinds of self-adhesive packaging adhesive tape based on kraft paper adhesive tape; various self-adhesive plastic film adhesive tape, double-sided adhesive tape, and adhesive tape for marking.

3. manufacturing and construction industry: self adhesive wall veneers with paper, cloth and PVC as the surface materials, bonding plastic plates, sheets, bonding metal signs, pasting decorative boards, rubber asphalt roofing waterproof materials, self adhesive zero accessories and foam panels, etc. for automobile interior decoration, bonding the shielding film, self adhesive foam and felt, self adhesive decorative laminates.

4. Sanitary products: such as medical hemostatic trauma belt, tape for various dressings, physiological products (such as women's sanitary napkin, hemostatic paste), baby diaper, double-sided tape, paper for catching cockroaches.

2Anti adhesion of non adhesive products

1. Food industry: the production and packaging of all kinds of cakes, snacks and other baking paper plates, cooking thin plates, steamed bread, steamed bun, etc., sugar block, chewing gum, chocolate, etc.

2. Casting processing: manufacturing PVC, polyurethane and other synthetic leather, processing all kinds of plastic film, processing reflection thin plate, ceramic plate production, for carbon fiber pre impregnation and heat treatment, making pressure-sensitive adhesive film.

3. Others: such as cassette tape friction plate.

3Packaging materials: mainly used for packaging various sticky greasy substances, such as asphalt, rubber, resin, candy, snacks, bread and frozen food.

(4) used as internal release agent: vulcanized silicone rubber, polyurethane foam, vinyl polymer foam, asphalt weathering agent, confectionery and food baking products.

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