Introduction Of Silicone Wine Bottle Carrier

Introduction of silicone Wine Bottle Carrier

Stylish silicone wine bottle carrier makes the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift bag for alcohol. Unique function as bottle carrier to hold the bottle safely, easy to carry.

Silicone wine bottle carrier can be used as heat resistant mat to protect your tables from destroying.

Silicone wine bottle carrier is made of durable silicone, can hold wine bottle, can, coffe mugs or can be use as a insulation hot pad. The material will grip to a variety of surfaces and sizes of bottles, cans or other objects.

Portable and flexible silicone wine bottle carrier insulation pad, great for cup mat, placemat, travel picnic bag, wine bottle holder etc.

Multifuction, foldable and conveniet, silicone wine bottle carrier is perfect for home and outdoor use. Unique bar or kitchen gift idea for the person who has everything or a simple decoration for the holiday season.

Introduction Of Silicone Wine Bottle Carrier

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