Introduction to properties of silicone wax


1. silicone wax has excellent lubricity. The sewing thread treated with silicone wax only produces slight peak tension when it passes through the guide and tension device, which makes the yarn surface smooth and soft. It is not easy to break in high-speed processing, and has good sewing performance, wear resistance, less color change and no pilling.

2. The silicone wax has good thermal stability and can protect the yarn from heat shield.

3. Yarns are endowed with excellent thermal protection and antistatic properties.

4. The needle and the tension device on the sewing machine have little abrasion.

5. There will be no oil leakage

Silicone wax products have been widely recognized by customers in giving yarn smoothness, clustering, antistatic, reducing yarn breakage and other aspects. At the same time, according to the feedback and actual needs of many users, our products are easy to be layered and other problems are well solved, so as to ensure the yarn oiling accuracy, product stability and easy to use.

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