Is Fruit Feeder Safe

[100% safety] our fruit feeder is made of certified high-quality 100% food grade silicone, containing bisphenol A, PVC, latex, latex, metal, phthalate, toxic and rust free. Our fruit feeder allows your baby to eat solid food before they have teeth. Most importantly, you don't have to worry about your baby putting choking chunks of food into his mouth.

[100% versatile] our fruit feeder combines the functions of pacifiers and teething toys. You don't even need to mash up the food. Generous food storage bags store fruits, vegetables, breast milk, or mud. Don't dirty your fingers any more. It's perfect for babies with new teeth. Massaging and stimulating the textured surfaces of the gums are ideal for helping the eruption of the anterior, middle and posterior teeth.

[Protective cap and extra nipple clip] our baby fruit feeder is equipped with protective caps. This lid not only keeps the silicone head clean and hygienic, but also prevents you from covering your hands with baby food when it's full. Once you've filled the can with food, you just lock the handle in place and give it to your baby. Free nipple clip included.

[Easy to clean and store] Our fruit feeder are very easy to clean. Gently scrub with warm soapy water, you can clean the rest of the baby's food.

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Is Fruit Feeder Safe

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