Is Hydrogen Silicone Oil A Dangerous Chemical?

Hydrogen containing silicone oil is not a dangerous chemical.


Appearance of hydrogen containing silicone oil: colorless or yellowish oil like physical and chemical properties viscosity (25 ℃): 300 ~ 1000cs. It is packed in Plastic bucket or toilet iron bucket to prevent acid and aChinaali impurities from mixing. It is a non dangerous product stored at room temperature for one year. It can be mixed with crosslinking agent and catalyst, and can be solidified at room temperature. It is the main component of leather smoothing agent. It can also be used as leather brightener and release agent.

Hydrogen containing silicone oil is mainly used as the structure control agent of silicone rubber; the finishing agent of fabric can significantly improve the smoothness and seam performance of polyester thread, high temperature resistance and anti-static performance. The finishing of polyester chemical fiber fabric can make the fabric soft and straight, smooth and elastic, flat and full, and give the fabric waterproof and water repellent properties. This product can be used to produce high-grade paper anti sticking treatment. Defoamer and organic synthesis intermediates.

Is Hydrogen Silicone Oil A Dangerous Chemical?

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