Is it feasible to use silicone products to produce children’s products?

silicone products may be used in all aspects of life and work. Some people don't quite approve of silicone products, especially when buying toys and protective equipment for children. They think that silicone products may stimulate children's skin, which is not conducive to children's growth. But is it really the case?

For many children now, of course, what they are more concerned about is their safety protection. They prefer to bite the pen when they are in class, and they may encounter desks and chairs when playing. This phenomenon is quite dangerous. Therefore, many manufacturers of silicone products have started to use silicone materials to make protective equipment for infants and young children, because silicone products are green environmental protection materials, And has a certain degree of softness, so it is the most appropriate protective equipment for children, which can effectively prevent children from being hurt. Recommended product: silicone pen frame and silicone pen holder

In addition, from the perspective of materials, home food materials are absolutely safe and reliable. In the process of use, as long as the temperature is controlled between – 40 ℃ and 280 ℃, no toxic substances will be released. In this way, children's skin and health will not be affected. Most importantly, the silicone products are very simple in cleaning, and the products are also very simple It has a long service life, but the specific performance is determined by the silicon collagen material.

It can be seen that the use of silicone products in the production of children's products or protective gear is very safe and reliable, which can not only ensure the safety of children, but also will not cause adverse effects on children's health. Therefore, for adults, in order to let children grow in a safe environment, they can buy silicone toys and silicone protectors for children.


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