Is it harmful to wear masks for 20 minutes a day

In case of dust, oil fume and harmful gas environment, masks must be worn.


Even if it is to prevent haze, wearing masks every day is not harmful to the body in principle.


The following conditions are harmful to your health.


1. Fake and shoddy masks. Some mask bacteria or harmful substances exceed the standard.


2. Mask with excessive respiratory resistance. Long time wearing can lead to lung diaphragm injury.


The selection principle of mask is as follows:


According to the national standard gb2626-2006, self-priming filter respirator, respirator can be divided into three types: disposable, double half mask and full mask. For occupational dust prevention, it is recommended to use double half mask dust mask.


This kind of mask usually has headband and neck buckle. It's very simple to wear.


Under high dust, scientific selection of dust masks can effectively prevent the occurrence of pneumoconiosis.


Now the common dust mask itself is divided into high, medium and low protection level. High quality dust masks are mostly made of silica gel. Breathing smooth, good protective effect, generally not stuffy. At present, some kn100 masks in China adopt double-sided and double-layer filtering technology, which has good protection effect, and is not stuffy and can breathe smoothly. You can take a look at the e-commerce platform.


Dust removal way: in order to effectively prevent pneumoconiosis, it is recommended to wear a respirator in accordance with gb2626-2006 standard in coal mines and other working environments with dust. This kind of mask is usually marked with grade. According to the different protection effects, there are kn100, kn95 and Kn90. The number represents the percentage of protection against ultrafine dust.


1. The protective effect of dust mask depends on the tightness between the mask and the face and the protection grade of filter cotton. If working in high dust environment, it is recommended to wear kn100 dust mask.


2. It is recommended to wear masks of different sizes. It is easy to improve the protection effect. At present, silicone material is common and relatively comfortable.


3. In the environment of long-term wearing and heavy physical expenditure, it is recommended to choose the type of breathing mask. Some masks are designed with two pieces and two sides, which make breathing very smooth.


4. Most disposable masks have no size, and the maximum allowable air leakage rate is 10% in the national standard. Therefore, the double half mask dust mask is more suitable for occupational protection.


Scientific selection of dust masks can effectively prevent pneumoconiosis. At present, kn100 dust mask costs about 360 yuan a year for each person. The enterprise has smooth breathing, good protection effect and low protection cost.

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