Is organic silicone environmentally friendly

With the increasing demand for environmental protection products in all waChinas of life, we can not only use suitable products, but also make a contribution to environmental protection. Many industrial fields need to use organic silica gel with high environmental protection performance, and do not want to cause too much burden on the environment.

Is organic silicone environmentally friendly?

On the market, the quality level of organic silica gel is uneven, which can not guarantee that 100% of the products meet the requirements of environmental protection. As a user, they have the right to choose environmental protection products and make them play a role. High quality environmental protection adhesive has been tested by environmental protection department, and the pollution and harmfulness are almost zero.

Is organic silicone environmentally friendly

Can organic silicone hurt human body?

In the process of operation, it will inevitably stick to the skin. It's not corrosive, it doesn't burn the skin. However, it can not be allowed to solidify, bringing discomfort to the body. It's always chemicals. It's not particularly comfortable to stick to your skin. Especially by the skin sensitive person sticks to, may appear the allergy phenomenon. Please rinse with water in time. In case of serious condition, seek medical advice immediately.

Is organic silicone environmentally friendly

What are the properties of organic silicone?

1. It's adaptable. In the environment of minus 60 degrees, it will not shrink greatly and will not easily appear frost crack phenomenon. In the high temperature of about 200 degrees above zero, it will not soften easily and will not be melted, so it can be used in large quantities. Cooperation with powerful suppliers makes you feel more assured. For example, cosmore focuses on the research of organic silica gel and provides customized application solutions for organic silica gel. It has a wide range of applications, and can be applied in new energy, military industry, medical treatment, aviation, shipbuilding, electronics, automobile, instrument, power supply, high-speed rail and other industries.

2. Good intensity. After curing, there will be no fracture when it is pulled or squeezed by external force. Even if there is a small crack, it will heal slowly, and no maintenance is needed.

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