Is The Thicker The Mask, The Better

Now when consumers buy masks, there is a misunderstanding that the thicker the mask, the better the filtering effect. Lanhe mask laboratory, through testing the relatively thick masks on the market, found some problems.


1. Thick mask, filtration effect is not necessarily good


For the thickened mask, if the thickened part is made of filter material with filtering effect, the filtering effect will be greatly improved. However, there are many unscrupulous businesses who, taking advantage of consumers' preference for thick masks, use cheaper materials without filtering effect to thicken their masks, so that the filtering effect will not be improved; even many unscrupulous businesses just use low-cost raw materials to thicken their masks, instead of using materials with filtering effect, such thick masks have no filtering effect.


2. Thick mask, often breathing resistance, wearing uncomfortable


Thick masks, due to thickening, often lead to increased respiratory resistance and uncomfortable wearing. It is not recommended that children and the elderly and other sensitive groups wear thick masks.


Generally speaking, kn95 masks, Kn90 masks and 3M N95 series masks are relatively thick and have good filtering effect, but respiratory resistance is often relatively large.


3. Thin mask, technical ability of manufacturers can also achieve very high filtering effect


Generally, the thicker the filter material, the better the filtration effect; while the respiratory resistance of the mask is generally inversely correlated with the thickness of the filter material, that is, the thicker the material, the more uncomfortable the breathing. At present, several highly specialized factories in China, such as 3M and Lanhe, have the technology of thinner masks to achieve higher filtering effect.

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