Italy jewelry brand Bvlgari joins in the production of hand washing gel

In the face of the global epidemic fever, various fields have invested in the rescue team, hoping to give medical workers and the masses protection materials to do their best. In addition to donating relief funds, the fashion industry has transformed the production lines of its brands into making epidemic prevention products. After LVMH changed its three perfume and cosmetics factories to the production of hand sanitizers, jewellery Bvlgar I has also joined the ranks of the production of hand washing gels.

In the period of global epidemic spreading, the whole earth seems to have been pressed the "still" button. Not only the global people are threatened by the spread of the virus, but all waChinas of life are also positively affected. The global economy has been severely damaged, forcing various brands to temporarily close a number of physical stores, and high-end boutiques such as Chanel and Hermes also temporarily shut down their factories. However, in the face of the difficulties of this community and various fields Do one's duty well and expect to be able to tide over this difficulty together.

Italy jewelry brand Bvlgari has announced that it will work together with ICR ITF Group, a long-term perfume manufacturer, to produce antibacterial hand gel. It hopes to produce 6000 in the future. The bottle can reach 200 thousand bottles in two months. This hand washing liquid will be donated to Italy medical institution. It will use its own perfume specialty to fight against this unusual period. Besides the epidemic, the outer bottle of hand washing liquid is made from recycled bottle, and the concept of sustainable development is also not forgotten.

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