Knowledge of hand sanitizer

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Hand sanitizer is a kind of skin care cleaning liquid mainly used to clean hands. It can remove dirt and attached bacteria from hands by mechanical friction and surfactant combined with water flow.

Chemical substances in hand sanitizer may irritate hand skin, which is not suitable for people with skin allergy. It is recommended to apply hand cream after washing. Generally, it is harmless.

As one of the daily care that can sterilize and disinfect, it is necessary for people's daily furniture, especially with the aggravation of the current epidemic situation, many people at home and abroad will use it to clean.

As a big producer, China has always been one of the main countries exporting hand sanitizers, disinfectants, masks and so on. There are also many cross-border e-commerce sellers on the platform or many offline B2B. At present, many foreign countries have reminded that people can not go out of their homes, it is better not to go out of their homes, but they can not use the anti epidemic products. Therefore, at present, many businesses want to hand sanitizer disinfectant this product express export, transport to the required countries.

Hand sanitizers and disinfectants belong to three categories of dangerous goods. It is difficult to export hand sanitizers in one class. There are few agents who can export hand sanitizers formally. Only a few qualified DG dangerous goods can export them. At present, the countries that purchase large quantities of hand sanitizer and disinfectant are the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. There are direct flights to these places, so there is no need to worry about the risk of being expropriated by transit countries.

Therefore, if you need to export hand sanitizer on alcohol, you must confirm it and let the agent tell you the risks. If it is out of the goods, more attention should be paid to the risk is very large.

At present, there is no risk in our operation. Therefore, take dangerous goods to choose reliable regular channels, do not choose irregular goods to go, the risk of being detained by the customs is great, the gain is not worth the loss.

However, the formal channel to take dangerous goods and your informal channel to take dangerous goods, that is certainly not the same. The price of regular channel is sure to be a little more expensive.

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