Laser Engraving Technology Of RFID NFC Wristband

RFID silicone wristband is a kind of smart radio frequency shaped card which is convenient and durable to wear on the wrist. The wristband electronic label uses environmentally friendly silicone material, Silicone RFID which is comfortable to wear, beautiful in appearance, and decorative; it can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands. RFID wristband can be used in card, catering consumption, attendance management, swimming pool, Silicone RFID washing center, sauna center and entertainment venues, airport parcels, parcel tracking hospital patient identification,Silicone RFID childbirth, baby identification and prison management, guardianship management, personnel location positioning Wait. Used in a variety of silicone products industry.

Laser engraving is also called laser engraving or laser marking. It is a process that uses optical principles to perform surface treatment. Laser engraving refers to laser engraving,Silicone RFID which is caused by the chemical and physical changes of surface substances caused by the light energy of the laser beam,Silicone RFID or It is to burn off part of the material by light energy and display the required etched graphics and text; according to the different engraving methods,Silicone RFID it can be divided into dot matrix carving and vector cutting.

Dot matrix engraving-resembles high-resolution dot matrix printing; the laser head swings left and right,Silicone RFID each time engraving a line consisting of a series of dots, then the laser head moves up and down to engrave multiple lines at the same time, and finally constitutes a full-page picture Image or text; Silicone RFID the scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics can use dot matrix carving.

Vector cutting is different from dot matrix engraving. Vector cutting is performed on the outline of the text. This mode is usually used to cut through on wood, paper, acrylic and other materials,Silicone RFID and can also be used to mark on the surface of a variety of materials!

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