Led lights strip silicone drivepipe feature


              Led lights strip silicone drivepipe is dedicated to the led high transparent silicone seal waterproof drivepipe, Led lights strip silicone drivepipe can be divided into led soft light, led flexible light casing pipe two kinds, because its main waterproof function, so the article can also be called led lights waterproof drivepipe , according to different customer needs, also can produce Led lights strip silicone drivepipe, one side for the opening, use glue to seal.


The feature of our company’s silicone strip follow as:

1>Non-toxic, no smell, high transparency, high flame retardancy, long-term use of the same yellow;
2> High softness, good elasticity, resistance to ozone, voltage resistance, kink
3>No crack, long service life, cold resistant high temperature;
4>Has the very high resistance to tear strength and superior electrical properties;
5>Passed UL, FDA, SGS, ATC, ROSH and other related certification, can provide the certificate.


Led lights strip silicone drivepipe feature

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