Liquid silicone

Liquid silicone, also known as liquid silicone, is relatively solid high temperature silicone sulfide rubber, which is liquid glue, with good mobility, fast vulcanization, safer and environmental protection characteristics, can fully meet the requirements of food grade. Liquid silicone has excellent tear resistance, elasticity, yellowing resistance, thermal stability and heat resistance and aging resistance. Mainly used in infant supplies, medical supplies and electronic products (keystrokes).

Brief introduction

Liquid silicone is safer and more environmentally friendly and fully meets food-grade requirements. According to the position of the metastatic group (i.e. cross-linking point) contained in the molecular structure, the liquid rubber with the official energy group is often divided into two categories: one is called remote claw-type liquid rubber with the official energy group at both ends of the molecular structure; Of course, there are also both intermediate and end-based regiments, the current focus is on the remote claw-type liquid rubber research. For liquid rubber, a chain growth agent or crosslinker with the appropriate erythration group should be selected according to the active nerd it contains 


Liquid silicone rubber can be used in trademarks, products, nipples, medical supplies, coating, impregnation and perfusion. For crystal gel, polyurethane, epoxy resin molding mold, injection molding process, cake mold and other silicone products, widely used in the electronics industry as electronic components moisture, shipping, insulation coating and potted materials, electronic components and components dust, moisture, shock and insulation protection. Such as the use of transparent gel potting electronic components, not only can play a role in earthquake-proof waterproof protection, but also can see the components and can be detected with a probe component failure, replacement, damaged silicon gel can be re-sealed repair. It can also be used in the manufacture of gypsum, wax, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and low melting point alloy and other materials molding molding, used in artificial leather high-frequency lamination, shoe surface and bottom molding, arts and crafts manufacturing, ceramics, toy industry, furniture, household electrical and electronic components industry replication and plaster, cement material molding, wax molding, model manufacturing, material molding.

Product characteristics

Liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear strength, elasticity, anti-yellow degeneration, thermal stability, water resistance, good breathability, heat aging and weather resistance, while moderate viscosity, easy to operate, high transparency of products, you can see whether the mold filled material has bubbles and other defects, line shrinkage 0.1%, copy product size precision. 

How liquid silicone is used

Liquid silicone needs to be produced with an injection machine, mainly used in infant supplies, medical supplies and electronic products (keystrokes), there is also an A/B mix directly into the mold, and then into the oven baking (silicone formula production and operation method), as well as used to make liquid silicone roller silicone, trademark glue and so on, mainly to see what products you use. Generally liquid silicone is used after vulcanization, but can also be used as a filler, such as an insulating filler of electricity, or a liquid silicone filler for breast augmentation, or as an additive in cosmetics

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