Methyl Silicone Oil Is An Excellent Instrument Oil

Methylsilicone oil is a colorless and transparent liquid. The product has excellent heat resistance, oxidation resistance and low temperature resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of – 50 ℃ – + 180 ℃; it has strong shear resistance and compressibility more than 20 times that of general mineral oil. It is an ideal liquid spring with low viscosity coefficient, low vapor pressure, low surface tension, good water increasing and lubricity, and excellent electrical characteristics It has the advantages of high breakdown voltage resistance, arc resistance, corona resistance, low dielectric consumption, good transmittance and no toxic effect on human body.


Using methyl silicone oil as instrument oil has the characteristics of long service life, good oxidation stability, low volatility and wide temperature range. Our company has a number of instrument silicone oil products, which are used in the lubrication of precision instrument bearings, various aviation timing instruments, micro motor bearings and various instruments.

Methyl Silicone Oil Is An Excellent Instrument Oil

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