Necessary To Buy New Silicone Oil With High Purity?

Although most manufacturers claim to make high-quality products, it does not mean that every production process can guarantee the high-quality level of silicone oil. It is also because of these abnormal production processes that new lubricating oil is contaminated. This is the knowledge about whether the newly purchased silicone oil must be clean.


The production of silicone oil starts from the base oil. The additives are added into the base oil according to a certain proportion for blending. After the base oil and the additive are mixed evenly, the performance index of the lubricating oil is analyzed to check whether it meets the requirements of the formula. If the formula requirements are not met, rework must be carried out after mixing, and the base oil and additives must meet the specified requirements.


There are many different methods for mixing different components in lubricating oil. Some manufacturers only use a large low-speed mixing tank for mixing, while others use air stirrer for mixing. Even if these mixing and mixing plants use base oils and additives with guaranteed quality, we must consider how these components are added into the mixing tank and whether they are filtered before adding? Is the mixing tank equipped with breathing apparatus? When any large tank is filled with oil, the internal air will be discharged, and when the oil is discharged, the air will also enter the tank. If the incoming air is not filtered, the pollutants in the air will affect the quality of the subsequent mixed oil.


Filtration is also required in the process of transporting the product oil from the mixing tank to the storage tank. At the same time, breathing apparatus must be installed in large tanks to control the pollution of particles and moisture. At present, some large tanks are only equipped with pressure relief vents. It is necessary to find out whether the oil manufacturer is using recycled oil drums or new ones, and whether there are cleaning procedures for oil drums. The new oil barrel is produced in the metal processing environment of grinding and welding, and welding slag and dust will definitely remain in the oil barrel. Even if the oil is packaged in small barrels or bottles, there may still be production debris in the container. There is no international standard for the cleanliness of these containers.


In the case of using a tank truck, the oil transferred to the tanker needs to be filtered in advance, and we also need to understand how the large tank of the tanker is cleaned. Steam cleaning or diesel flushing?


These two methods may have a certain impact on the cleanliness and purity of oil products. Therefore, the quality control of lubricating oil should be strengthened. Before the oil is added to the equipment, sampling and testing should be carried out to ensure that there is no risk.

Necessary To Buy New Silicone Oil With High Purity?

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