Non-toxic and tasteless food grade silicone tube

Food grade silicone tube is non-toxic and tasteless, can provide FDA food authentication, used in -40 degrees to 125 degrees, with the advantages of pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, elongation and salt resistance, good flexibility, do not fall off, ect. Now, food grade silicone tube can replace the common rubber hose, PE silicone hose, metal hose, and can meet the need of petroleum, chemical, machinery, defense industry, and manufacturing industry.

Food grade silicone tubes is convenient for observation of fluid in pipeline operation condition, and solve the problem of rubber tube in using process is easy ageing, easy to fall off. Food grade silicone tube has good wear resistance and excellent solvent resistance, applicable to all kinds of food, beverage, water of transportation tubes, widely used in gas and liquid environment, glass industry, iron and steel factory, paper mill and other conveying pipes. It is a new generation of optimal fluid conveying pipe.

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