Notes on customization of silicone products

silicone products, as environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless safety products, have been recognized by more and more people. So many products now choose to use silica gel, such as luggage tags, refrigerator stickers, change wallets, various pendants, various protective covers, and so on. What are the precautions when customizing silicone products?

As an innovative silicone product factory, we would like to summarize the following five points:

1On site inspection of the factory, because the silica gel products have high requirements on the workshop environment, we firmly reject the dirty, disordered and miscellaneous workshops, because under this environment, the quality of silica gel products can not be guaranteed.

2Carefully check the mold drawing, confirm that the mold is consistent with the design drawing, otherwise it is a waste of time.

3For silicone products with more colors and more complicated patterns, it is necessary to confirm whether the factory will simplify the drawings. Because the cost of making products with more colors will be higher with the traditional process, many factories will simplify it, while the multi-color integrated molding process of silicone does not need to be simplified.

4Check whether there are defects and defects in the molds.

5The delivery date depends on whether the required delivery date can be met.

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