Points For Attention In Using Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves are one of the most widely used labor protection products. The main function of nitrile gloves is to protect the safety of hands. They have the advantages of protein-free, tear resistance, permeability resistance and chemical resistance, which are welcomed by many industries.




So, what should we pay attention to when using nitrile gloves?


1. Tear resistance is not puncture resistance: the main material of nitrile gloves is nitrile rubber, which is a kind of synthetic rubber, which can effectively defend against organic solvents, and has the properties of tear resistance and high elongation. However, we should bear in mind that tear resistance is not puncture resistance. If we tear vigorously or puncture with sharp tools, the protective effect and service life of gloves will be greatly reduced. Therefore, when using nitrile gloves, we must be careful. It is better to add a veil glove to the outside of the gloves after wearing the nitrile gloves, so as to reduce the wear degree of the gloves and prolong the service life of the gloves.




2. Chemical resistance is not absolute corrosion resistance: nitrile gloves are not resistant to highly corrosive materials. Therefore, when choosing labor protection gloves, we must choose to understand their own working environment and avoid choosing the wrong labor protection gloves. For example, some high acid and high corrosion things should not use nitrile gloves.


3. There are some ways to wear it: one side of nitrile gloves is relatively thin and elastic. Therefore, when wearing nitrile gloves, you must pay attention to wear them from between your fingers, and then slowly pull them up. Never let your palms enter the gloves first, so that the handpiece will be broken. If necessary, you can apply some oil or lubricant to your hands, so as to reduce the resistance of wearing nitrile gloves.




4. Pay attention to the service life: any labor protection gloves have a service life, once the use period has passed, the labor protection gloves will lose their protection function. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the service life of nitrile gloves,


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