Portable Silicone Storage Boxes For Daily Life

Portable silicone Storage Boxes For Daily Life

Protection and storage: the portable face covering storage case protects the face covering and can effectively prevent secondary pollution, and it is also dust-proof, waterproof and moisture-proof; When you are eating, you can store it well, more comfortable and avoid embarrassing situations

Quality material: these storage organizers are made of nice quality and soft silicone material, which is non-toxic, no odor, safe, wear resistance, dirt resistance, drop resistance that you can rest assured to use, appropriate for carrying around

Practical design: our multi-color storage box is designed with a shell shape, which is exquisite, simple, practical and durable, and these bags are designed with snap in the top of the box, you can store you face coverings and do not worry about they may lost

Versatile applications: the silicone storage case is in proper size and light weight, convenient to carry, helping you store your face covering at any time and put directly in your pocket, backpack, handbag or any other places, also can be applied in home, office, school, etc., which can keep your face coverings clean and provide convenience for your life

Portable Silicone Storage Boxes For Daily Life

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