Pouring Technology Of RFID NFC Wristband

lue: First shape the product,RFID NFC Wristband and then glue on the product. The composition of the glue is mainly composed of adhesive colloid and organic solution. The role of the adhesive colloid is to play the role of adhesion. Organic solvents refer to low-toxic, volatile, RFID NFC Wristband chemical solvents that can melt the adhesive colloid, such as cyclohexanol, gasoline, acetone, butanone, etc. When pouring glue,RFID NFC Wristband it mainly relies on the volatilization of the organic solution to allow the sponge to expand. Therefore, when pouring glue,RFID NFC Wristband try not to expose the sponge that has been glued to,RFID NFC Wristband so that the expansion effect of the organic solution on the sponge will be reduced.

Oil injection, silicone ink definition, silicone ink is mainly divided according to the use of ink,RFID NFC Wristband is a coating protection ink used on silicone materials. Typical applications are mobile phone buttons,RFID NFC Wristband remote control buttons, and various types of silicone rubber buttons.

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