Pregnancy “ Fake belly” is popular ,it is silicone products

Pregnancy “ Fake belly” is hot china in Tmall . According to the seller say, the function of fake pregnancy is widely .Fake pregnancy can help to the company layoffs, enjoy giving seat in the bus , experience pregnancy ,take photos and adopt children escape the gossip.
Those fake belly is signed the laber “ Super realistic” “fake pregnancy” .the difference between every size is 200 yuan . The sale price in those shop are different ,from the lowest 400 to highest 2800 . The price 1000 yuan is hot sale .Fake belly is subdivided three size .There are the small size from 2 to 4 months ,the middle size from 5 to 7 months and the large size from 8 to 10 months ,even the twins belly .Those fake belly are appropriate for camouflage into different gestation period different or kinds of pregnant women. The installation is also different .Some fake belly is fixed through the belt .Some is through the braces ,even is sticked directly in the stomach with the glue stick .
There are many customer evaluation, others said, “very good.”
Fake belly is made of 100% medical silicone materials ,same to the Chest Enlarge materials .they are harmless to healthy .


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