Prevents black mold spots on plant leaves

Coal pollution disease, also known as coal smoke disease, is common in flowers and trees, affecting photosynthesis, reducing ornamental value and economic value, and even causing death. Pay attention to prevention and control in garden maintenance.


The symptom is the formation of small black mold spots on the leaf surface and branch tips, which are then expanded to make the entire leaf surface and tender shoots covered with black mold layer. As there are many types of coal pollution disease bacteria, the same plant can be infected with many kinds of disease bacteria, and the symptoms are also slightly different. The appearance of a black mold layer or a black coal powder layer is an important feature of the disease. It can harm crape myrtle, peony, citrus, camellia, Milan, osmanthus, chrysanthemum and many other flowers.

Onset law:

Coal pollution disease bacteria live through the winter on diseased parts and fallen leaves with mycelium, conidia, and ascospores. The spores are spread by wind, rain, and insects in the following year. The secretions and excrements of aphids, scale insects and other insects are left on the plants. Influencing photosynthesis, high temperature and humidity, poor ventilation, aphids, scale insects and other honeydew-secreting pests occur frequently, all of which aggravate the disease.

Control methods:

1. Plants should not be planted too densely, pruned properly, and the greenhouse should be well ventilated and light-transmissive to reduce humidity and avoid humid environments.

2. The occurrence of the disease is closely related to the insects that secrete honeydew. Spraying to control aphids and scale insects is the main measure to reduce the incidence. Qilin scale insect net and Zhiru spray are used to control scale insects and aphids.

3. When mildew disease occurs, use a bag of Qilin Qi protector + a bottle of Zhi Da Zhuang to add 400-500 kg of water, spray the whole plant, and control again in 5-7 days

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