Profit of China’s silicone rubber products showed a clear downward trend

    According to the survey by ministry of industry, it show that the economic of  our country petroleum and chemical industry has developed stably in the first half of 2011.  the main important index increased rapidly,  import and export trade are very active, the amount increased significantly,  in a word, in the first half of the year, silicone rubber industry performed a laudable trend.


    However, the profit of the silicone rubber products appeared decline trend at the ratio of chemical industry, the first five month, rubber products value accounts for more than 10.89% and the profit only accounts for 8.20%, compared with the same period last year, it fell by 2.7 percentage points.


    Not only that, the amount of silicone rubber products has declined in the proportion of export business. Now, a long time leading position is facing challenges. We are all believe that this situation is transitory, it will be palmy in the near future..

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