Protective Goggles and advantage of silicone materials


 Protective Goggles feature:

1) Lens: Tempered Glass


2) Gasket: super soft silicone.


3) Strap: super soft silicone.


4) Have high tear strength , high tensile-resistant and excellent elasticity.


5) An adjustable strap is attached for perfect fit.


6) Touching smoothly, soft. Comfortable to wear.


7) Logo can be printed. Silk-screen, embossed, debossed are available.


8) Manufacturing according to clients’ request. Drawings or samples are greatly appreciated.

our advantage:

1. Stock&customized orders are welcome , lead time is 5-7 working days for current products , 25-35 working days for custom-made products.

2. We can accept OEM&ODM , depend on customer`s requirement.

3. Free sample is available , it will be refund after mass production confirmed.

4. Small trial orders are accept

5. We have serious and careful QC team to make sure the item are corrects to customer`s request.


What is silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer, derived from silicon metal. The nature of its origin gives it a number of significant advantages over conventional rubber polymers. Silicone is available in the form of rubbers, greases, and fluids.

Why is silicone used in food applications?Silicone rubber is among a number of rubber types that can be used in contact with food. It has the advantage of being a low taint non-toxic material.

Is silicone safe for baby products?Specific grades of silicone rubber are used widely in the production of baby bottle teats due to their cleanliness aesthetic appearance and low extractable content.

Does the outside environment affect silicone

No. Silicone is not affected by extremes of weather – hot, cold, dry, wet, or humid. It also has excellent resistance to UV and ozone degradation.

What is the temperature range of silicone products?Broadly speaking, the service temperature range of silicone is within the region of -110C to +315C


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