Protective Suggestions For Masks

Masks may not be worn at home, in places with good ventilation and low personnel density. Non medical masks, such as cotton gauze, activated carbon and sponge, have a certain protective effect, and can also reduce the spread of droplets caused by coughing, sneezing and speaking, which can be selected according to the situation.


Mask replacement

1. The medical standard protective masks have the service life, and the masks are specially used by special personnel, and can not be cross used between personnel. High risk personnel need to be replaced after taking off protective devices after finishing work, dining (drinking water) and going to the toilet;

2. The mask should be replaced immediately if it is contaminated by the patient's blood, respiratory tract / nasal secretions and other body fluids;

3. High risk personnel need to be replaced after receiving highly suspected patients;

4. The masks worn by exposed personnel of other risk categories can be used repeatedly. Wash hands according to the rules before wearing the mask, and avoid contacting the inside of the mask. The mask should be replaced in time if it is dirty, deformed, damaged or smelly.

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