Raw Material Of Liquid Silicone Rubber


With the application of liquid silicone rubber in medical products, baby products, automobile manufacturing, food industry, electronic products, diving products, kitchen utensils and seals, it has become an irreplaceable material. The traditional hot pressing and molding process (Plastic products, solid silica gel) has been unable to meet the needs of the market. In recent years, the liquid silicone rubber injection process has developed rapidly. However, there are few and few defects analysis on the information or experience sharing of liquid silica gel molding process or injection molding on the Internet. Most of the contents are from books or related materials, lacking details, experience and depth ,here we will discuss with you a series of technical problems in this industry.

We need to know what liquid silicone rubber is before making molds


Characteristics of raw materials

Liquid silicone rubber is a kind of non-toxic, heat-resistant and high recovery flexible thermosetting material. Its sulfur change behavior mainly includes low viscosity, rapid curing, shear thinning and high coefficient of thermal expansion.


LSR is a double liquid rapid vulcanization material with platinum as catalyst, which can be produced by injection, mass, rapid vulcanization and repeated mechanical production.


Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, physiological inertia, excellent electrical insulation performance, and no toxic substances will be produced during combustion. According to its curing temperature, liquid silica gel can be divided into high temperature (heating) curing type and room temperature curing type. High temperature rubber is mainly used to manufacture various silicone rubber products, while room temperature rubber is mainly used as adhesive, potting material or mold.

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