Reasons To Use Silicone Drinking Straws

Reasons to Use silicone Drinking Straws


Plastic straws can only be used once.

Similar to plastic water bottles, they go into landfills after one use.

Otherwise, they will litter and pollute the community.

Environmental Science:

Plastics are not biodegradable. It breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, presenting various problems, especially marine life.


Many plastics contain BPA or other toxins that are immersed in our food.

BPA destroys our hormones and damages our health in unknown ways.


Keep plastic away from the environment and the ocean.


You can buy it once and use it for a lifetime.

Save money in the long run.

Easy to clean:

Dishwasher safety.


Do not need to worry about BPA and other toxins in the reusable drinking straws.

Reasons To Use Silicone Drinking Straws

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